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For thousands of years business owners and marketers like yourself have sold products and services for money. Or they have made referrals and received commissions for their advice.

And for thousands of years there has been a roadblock: how to separate yourself from the competition and make yourself look better so customers buy from you.

Check this out ....

3000, 300, even 30 years ago your only competition was the vendors in your same town.

Now - yowsa - due to the Internet you have to compete with websites around the world.

While the magic of the Internet gives you access to many more possible customers than our elders ever imagined, the Internet has also brought mind-crushing hordes of competition.

Even worse, instead of a phone book where customers can peruse dozens of ads to decide where to shop, the Google overlord gives out 10 first page listings, at most, and decides what your brief listing will look like.

Here's the deal though ...

Whether you are in a market in New Delhi selling baskets, or in Silicon Valley with a website promoting cameras, you need a reason for people to buy from YOU and not the competition.


But how do you get that competitive advantage?

What if you and everyone else are offering the exact same widget? At the same price?

What if the competition actually is better? How are you going to leap frog them?

That is what The Zoda Buddha Method is all about.

In a detailed, full of examples, yet concise 20 page PDF report, you will get:

How to instantly create credibility seemingly out of thin air.

How to create unique credibility your competitors can never, ever copy.

How to use the Zoda Buddha method for virtually any business, whether you are online, have a physical store, or both.

How you can improve the perception of your offer and at the same time diminish the competition - without ever mentioning them by name.

See the Zoda Buddha method in action and how others are using this strategy.

All of this translates to making more money.

So simple ...

If you can increase your conversion rate, you make more money without having to get more prospects and website traffic, and without having to raise your price.

Of course - if you have an advantage you may be able to justify a higher price as well.

Anyone can do the Zoda Buddha method.

It's easy.

It's fun.

It's free to do.

You don't need anything except what is in the report. There is nothing else to buy.

That my friend, is enlightened marketing!

How much is just one more customer worth to you a month?

How much is the satisfaction worth seeing clicks and sales the competition is not getting because you suddenly have an advantage they never saw coming?

You probably want to know what your investment is to get this report - information, by the way, that is not available anywhere else.

Today, just $7.

Why so ridiculously cheap?

I'll tell you why ...

This report is new and I am looking for your feedback. Good or not so good, I want it.

After reviewing the report use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to let me know.


Profitably Yours,

Brian Kindsvater

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